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Ok, I am trying to really maintain some balance here.  I have to juggle work, TWO bulldogs, a fiance and my golf game.  Oh and The JiST and Keough.  Lets just say keeping track of Keough by text is job enough.

I realize I havent been really giving this brilliant idea the attention its needs.  As a result you have suffered.  I care, but not that much (sorry, thems the facts)

See…Im an idea guy.

Not much of a doer as it were, so I hired Keough to provide some material.  I need someone to really get the meat and potatoes of this site up daily. I am working on it. Hang tight and enjoy the irreverence and godliness of Keough whilst I figure it all out.

And to that, I apologize to Keough for not getting his MASTERS 2011 piece up in a timely fashion.  See I had started celebrating Rory’s win a little early, and didnt get to it. well, that didnt work out for me, Rory and my production at work Monday.

So here is the Masters piece and a new one just in time for TAX SEASON – eat it up.

Oh and just in case – the views of Keough are HIS OWN and dont represent the views of The Jist and the dudes that own it

I think that will hold up in court, dont you?

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