A new edition…not for the faint of heart editorials with KEOUGH

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So its been a while since we have posted anything.  I apologize for depriving you of the best way to get the “news” and our witty quips. I mean does the world need another smart ass.  I think so!!! So much so, I have hired the biggest smart ass I have ever met.

The deal was hashed out over a recent trip to Las Vegas. Most of the conversation took place at the craps table in the Orleans and over some drinks in the Aria.

So with the start of the baseball season tomorrow, Keough decided to opine on the state of the game.

I told him to go for it, no holds barred.  God damn that was a mistake.  If this were third grade I would have gone through three red pens and called a parent teacher conference.  This dude, well….you will see.  He will be a frequent contributor to THE JiST so you will come to love him.  I have also retained a lawyer, I am gonna need him.

Follow him on Twitter @KeoOfNazareth – and yes he is totally serious

You can also check him out on the best fantasy baseball site there is…Elite Fantasy Players

So without further ado….


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