Lady Gaga’s new single “Born this Way” causes controversy

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  • Pop Star, Lady Gaga


  • Lady Gaga’s new song, Born This Way, sounds a lot like Madonna’s “classic” Express Yourself.


  • Debuted 2/11/11


  • Pop radio stations around the world!


  • Why does controversy abound over Lady Gaga’s new song, Born This Way. Do people think this is the first time one pop star stole a song.  I mean everyone says all the songs on the radio sound the same. Thats because they all copy and steal each others crap.  Truth be told, a little box of white wine and Madonna’s greatest hits on repeat is my usual Tuesday, so I’m excited for a new version.  Enough about me, leave a comment and let the world know if you think its too close a copy or if its two geniuses with similar points of view creating eerily similar music….yea me neither.

Soooo…I was gonna put up the YouTube videos of both songs but the music industry is so damn scared of the internet they have blocked all YouTube uploads of the song.  There is a MADONNA page on YouTube but they disabled the ability to embed the video on other websites.  Makes sense!  The only thing I was gonna do is get the video a FEW THOUSAND extra views. It’s not like the record labels need the money. The have done such of good job of embracing the internet to earn extra revenue.  WAKE UP RECORD LABELS….get used to the internet…its not going anywhere.

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