Macaulay Culkin is alone again and Shania Twain is hitched

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Mila Kunis wised up and left Macaulay Culkin, not just for Christmas, but for good.

Can you blame a woman for leaving a guy that at 30 still looks like he’s 10 years old.  I would have questioned her if she stayed, because that is just creepy.

Apparently shes not down with marriage, you know what that means…huhhh, wink wink, huhhh, wait…now I don’t even get my own joke.

I do have to say that I had no idea these two were even together and really I don’t care. Neither do you!  It’ just funny to remember that Fuller drank all that Coke before he had to share a bed with Kevin in the attic.  What the hell has Mila Kunis even been in…ok…just checked.  That 70′s Show, right…didn’t watch it….and she’s the voice of Meg on Family Guy…and other stuff that nobody saw.

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Shania Twain got married on New Year’s Day…to some Frenchy, or Swiss guy…same thing.

Frederic Thiebaud is the bro’s name, sounds hard to say.  I just tried saying it with a mouthful of Starburst and I think I nailed it.  The only reason I bring it up is because she used to be married to Mutt Lange. His name really does rock, and he has awesome hair.  Not to mention he produced some of the greatest rock bands ever, AC/DC and Def Leppard.  Those are real rock bands not crap like Nickelback.  Ooops, he did them too.  Hey you gotta pay the bills.  That hair takes a lot of product. Plus Shania took half of the good music money.

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