Lady Gaga, a hockey jersey and bologna, now thats a party!!

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Apparently, if you want to sell magazines you need to put someone famous on the cover. Some say magazine sales have been on the decline. I say don’t worry publishers, this internet thing will never catch on.  I still watch re-runs of Different Strokes on Beta…VHS is just a fad.

Well lately putting someone famous on the cover just wont due, you need someone salacious on the cover.

Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle, and many other smut rags have had their best sellers when Lady Gagster graces the cover. Maybe because she goes to get a cup of coffee in a hockey jersey and black vale.  I’m no publishing magnate but I’ll tell you that if you put the hottest pop culture moron on the cover wearing nothing but bologna pasties, its gonna move a few units.

Cosmopolitan’s April issue featuring Gaga sold 1.7 million copies, their best seller.  Her Rolling Stone cover did 245,000 copies, which is sadly three times more than they normally sell.

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