Kate Hudson, I play guitar too, can WE have a baby?!?!

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Kate Hudson is pregnant with her second Rock Child!

Kate Hudson and her latest bf, Muse singer Matthew Bellamy, are having a baby. The two  have been dating for 9 months.  This will be Bellamy’s first child.

Kate’s first child Ryder, with ex-hubby Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, is now 9.  Could they have picked a more predictable name.  I guess they could have, knowing Chris Robinson it may have been more fitting to name him Cheeba, or maybe Sensimillia, his friends call him Pot.

She sure has interesting taste in men, I mean these two are fuggly.

I mean its like Jesus and an Emo Elmo

Sounds like a School of Rock in the making to me! After looking at these two its more like Fraggle rock!   Hi ooooh!!!

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