Brett Favre’s sister, Brandi, arrested for METH!!

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I, in no way intended for this to be a site solely about Brett Favre, but god has he been busy screwing up.  Apparently being a dumb-ass is genetic.  His sister BRANDI, was arrested in a condo with a meth lab in it.

Cops made a drug bust at a gas station in Diamondhead, Mississippi.  Those busted, flipped, and led police to a condo.   Inside they found a meth lab and Brandi Favre. She hasn’t been charged yet.

Someone once told me, Dumb-asses can be born and created.  So his parents, Irvin and Bonita, named their kids Brett and Bradndi. Ok, one for two. He was born, and his sister still lives in Mississippi. Yup two for two, they had no chance.

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NY Daily News

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