Brett Favre sued by Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole

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Brett Brett Brett…. One day after announcing he has retired, for good this time, no really. Its for real this time….yea me neither.

Anyway, two massage “therapists ” hired by the Jets for the players…wait read that again. Yea that sounds like a great plan I don’t see any problems that could come from that.
Ok I’m getting off track, back to the demise  of Favre.

He was sued by two massage therapsists for sexual harassment.    Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole claim Favre sent them sexually suggestive text messages.  My god man, again?!?!

A couple things come to mind:

- Brett Favre lost his mind when he went to New York.

- He did these things the whole time  in Green Bay. But the people who saw “little Brett” there were so thankful for the distraction from living in Wisconsin they never said anything.

- When Brett got to New York, he decided to walk around the whole year with his pants down.

- When he got to New York he finally figured out how to use his cell phone, and made up for lost time.

- Or my favorite….he thought since the Jet’s owner is WOODY JOHNSON these things were encouraged, not frowned upon…you can’t make these things up.

You make the call.

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