Brandi Favre UPDATE – Mugshot

| January 13, 2011 | Comments (0)

Paint me shocked!  That picture is not what I expected at all from a longtime Meth head of the Favre gene pool.

Brett Favre’s sister, Brandi, was busted yesterday cooking up a ten pound batch of fresh Meth…mmm. She was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste and her bail was set at 40,000.00 . Favre’s parents must be so proud.  A son who can’t stop whipping out his wanker and a daughter who looks like she’ll suck on your wanker for twenty bucks.  Team Favre ‘s gonna have to send out their second string soon.  Time to call up Brett’s daughter’s Brittany and Breleigh to step up for the next scandal.

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