You’ll shoot your eye out!! – I couldn’t resist

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Ok, Im not a huge fan watching men dance and sing their sweet little hearts out, but I may have to go and see a musical.

Peter Billingsly (the actor who played the chubby faced RALPHIE in A Christmas Story) recently told the Hollywood Reporter that he has signed on to executive produce a musical adaptation of A Christmas Story for the stage

A Christmas Story: The Musical! (why did they need the exclamtion point? was it not fabulous enough) will run in Seattle this month.

In case you didn’t know Billingsly, a close friend of Vince Vaugh, has been busy in Hollywood. He produced Vaughn’s films, The Break Up and Four Christmases and directed Couples Retreat

I guess it really is who you know.  I had my money on refrigerator sales and repair.  The real question is what happened to that evil-eyed son of a bitch Scott Farkus!!

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