Lunar Eclipse last night – Team Edward clashes with that other guys team

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The December 2010 lunar eclipse occurred this morning and could be seen by anyone in the Americas.  It was the first total  lunar eclipse in three years.

The eclipse lasted a little more than one hour and occurred because the moon traveled through the earths shadow (cast by the sun…I really hope you didn’t need that part)

There are at least two lunar eclipses every year, but total eclipses are much more rare.

It was also reported that Twilight fans misinterpreted the rare occurrence’s meaning and converged in dark fields across the U.S. looking for sightings of that werewolf guy.  Tempers flared when members of  “Team” Edward arrived.  No injuries were reported but it was confirmed that a lot of black eye liner and white powder were thrown about.

Luckily one combatant started streaming the new Justin Bieber Christmas album, which quelled the tif and all went back to the nearest Burger King parking lot without incident.

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