Angry Birds? I guess mo’ money mo’ problems

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Angry Birds hits 50 million downloads and has exceeded all expectations of developer Rovio Mobile.

Rovio recently announced the addition of the “Bad Piggy Bank”, a way for users to eliminate adds on the free version and pay for game updates like Mighty Eagle. It won’t require credit card information but instead will bill to cellular accounts.  It will first launch on the Android system in Finalnd and migrate around the world.

Rovio added that the game is coming the PC, MAC and gaming consoles.

Why would Rovio be so surprised by their smash hit?  What sounds more fun then launching birds into green pigs?  Over and over….and OVER until you’ve conquered all levels.  Oh wait, then download the newer Seasons version and beat that.  Wasted time?? Naahhh

In a related report productivity in offices across the world may have taken a dive since it’s release, but I can tell you that the time spent in my “office” has increased substantially.

sswwwoooooossshhhhhh (courtesy flush).


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